Scalable Credit
Infrastructure for Africa

Embed credit products for your SME customers into your platform. Increase revenue and minimise costs by processing credit applications up to 100x faster. Minimise risk by automating payouts and collections, and reduce losses with NPL mitigation. Easily report to regulators with consolidated customer records.

Services delivered via a seamless SaaS interface, or our API. Powered by leading-edge AI.

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Rapid Loan Application Processing and Automated Repayment Collection

Identify and onboard low-risk customers, then rapidly deploy credit with our best-in-class digital processing frameworks. Then automate loan repayment collections via subscriptions from bank accounts or mobile money wallets

Seamless Embedded Finance

Offer credit facilities on your website or mobile app via an intuitive, white-labelled user interface

Configurable Credit Scoring

Leverage our AI and your customer data to build custom credit scoring parameters

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Our Backers

Winners of The Pitch UK (2021)

Our Backers

Winners of 'The Pitch UK' (2021)

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